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Our hotel staff do their best to offer you a pleasant stay, but your cooperation is essential too. So we request you to read and observe the following norms.

Hotel code of conduct

Please, respect other guests’ tranquillity and avoid making loud noises. This is especially important after 22:00 hours.

Do not visit the restaurant in swim-suit or bathrobe. Gentlemen are requested to wear shoes and trousers. Do not take restaurant items (glasses, plates, cutlery, etc.) to rooms or the pool area.

Pets are not allowed in the hotel.


The hotel operates CCTV in the building, in front of it in the street and in the courtyard to guarantee the safety of its guests and their property. The surveillance system takes and records photos continuously, 24 hours a day.

In case of fire, use the escape routes displayed in the rooms and follow the instructions of the fireman on site. Fire extinguishers can be found in the hotel corridors on each floor. Please, alert Reception without delay if you notice a fire. Observing the rules of fire and accident prevention is mandatory for all guests.

Liability for damage caused by the unjustified use of the manual fire alarms in the building shall lie with the person causing the damage or with his/her legal representative.

Taking the following items to the hotel is forbidden:

  • corrosives and flammable chemicals as specified in applicable law,
  • highly flammable and explosive materials as specified in applicable law
  • foods and drinks bought elsewhere (including alcoholic beverages)
  • very expensive items, valuables, museum exhibits,
  • fireworks, firecrackers and their components,
  • wastes, environmentally harmful items or things harmful to health
  • psychotropic substances.

The hotel may permit the entry of some of these items to the hotel if requested in advance in writing.

The hotel may remove/have removed any banned items taken into the hotel without the preliminary written permission of the hotel and charge the relevant costs to the guest involved.

The hotel will not be held liable for any damage caused to any of the forbidden items taken into the hotel without permission.

Guests will be fully liable for any damage or injury caused to another guest, a third party or the hotel by an object taken into the hotel without permission.

The hotel assumes responsibility only for the guests’ valuables that are placed in the free safe deposit box located behind Reception.

When you leave your room, please, ALWAYS close the door to the balcony and your room as well.


Guests are welcome to park in the parking lot in front of the hotel using the parking spaces as marked.

Please, do not block the staff routes and entries.

Special diet/food allergy

When booking, please let us know about your special food requirements (food allergy, vegetarian diet, strict special diet, paleo diet, etc.).


Only guests registered by the Reception can stay in the rooms of the hotel. Hotel guests are responsible for their visitors’ conduct including any damage caused. The hotel will not be held liable for any damage caused to a guest and/or third party by a visitor.

The hotel charges rack price for any extra number of guests not included in the booking.

Guests under the age of 18

The hotel does not accommodate children below 12 years old.

Children below 14 years of age can only stay in the rooms under the supervision of their parents or other authorised adults who are responsible for them and for any damage caused by them.

Children below 14 years of age can only use the services of the hotel if accompanied by their parents or other authorised adults.

Youth below 18 years of age cannot consume alcoholic drinks in the hotel or at hotel events. Their parents or other authorised adults are asked to ensure this rule is observed. Parents or other authorised adults will be held fully liable for the legal, ethical and material consequences if this rule is not observed.

Hotel furniture and equipment

Guests are requested to use hotel furniture and equipment properly. Any damage caused by improper use must be reimbursed upon the hotel’s request, but not later than before checking out.

Please, refrain from taking hotel furniture or equipment out of the hotel. Ask for the help of the hotel staff if you need to rearrange the furniture in your room. Please, do not take room furniture to the balcony.

Taking hotel property out of the hotel without preliminary written permission is deemed a criminal act and the hotel will take the necessary steps in accordance with the civil or criminal code.

You are requested to report to the hotel if any equipment, instrument or apparatus breaks down or stops operating. Guests should not try to repair any faults as the hotel will not be made liable for any damage caused by such action.


This is a non-smoking hotel. Therefore smoking, using electrical cigarettes or bongs is not allowed in hotel rooms, balconies, public and open areas belonging to the hotel except for the areas designated for smoking.

Lost and found

You can hand over any lost and found objects at the Reception where they are registered. The hotel destroys foods, foodstuffs and medications but it keeps other objects for 3 months. The lawful owners of objects lost and found can get them back after the verification of their identity, and after having paid the costs of keeping. The hotel will transfer the objects it cannot keep due to their size, weight or other feature to the notary public having jurisdiction.

The hotel’s liability for damages

You are requested and advised to place cash, valuables or securities in the strong box in your room. The hotel will only be held liable for the guests’ valuables if they are placed in the free safe located behind the Reception desk.

Please, inform Reception immediately if your strong box does not work or does not work properly as the hotel will not be responsible for any damage if you fail to do so or inform them late.

The hotel will only be made liable for the damaged items of guests if the damage occurred in an area normally used by or open for guests, i.e. in hotel rooms, corridors, the lobby, garden or the parking lot.

The hotel is obliged to refund such damage up to fifty times the daily rate of the room paid. The hotel will not be held liable if it can prove the damage has been caused by force majeure or by the guest him/herself.

You are requested to use the hotel equipment, its wellness and other services properly being aware of and keeping in mind your physical and mental health. The hotel disclaims liability for any damage or injury due to improper use or use disregarding your physical or mental health.

You can ask for a courtesy wake-up call, but it is not part of the hotel’s standard services, so the hotel will not take responsibility for any damage caused by a failed or late wake-up call.

Enjoy your stay at our hotel!


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Munkácsy Mihály u. 5.

+36 87 535 860

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